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High Strength “Hog Out” Hub Assembly



PN: 25669-1 / 25669-2

Ever since the 1950’s when Scott built the 3400 tailwheel hub (or as some people refer to as the cap, knuckle or upper tailwheel boss), it has had wear issue problems. All the after-market products have had the same issue. Some use castings or low grade aluminum forgings.

The Problems:

  • The Hub bolt works free after just a few hundred hours of use due to porous grain
  • The bearing surface inside where the turn arm mates wears aluminum against steel
  • The kick-out pawl wears away at the 1/4 slot in the back of the hub
  • The shimmy dampener spring holes wear and crack out through the sides
  • The main mount hole and the attach holes “egg out”

Now comes the revolutionary fix:

  • The Hog Out Hub is made from a high-strength, copper based aluminum alloy that has the equivalent strength of low carbon steel. It more than doubles the strength of stock and aftermarket hubs.
  • Better wear resistance from close molecular grain, 4X the resistance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lighter
  • CNC machined from a solid bar
  • Reasonable price and saves money on replacement costs
  • Fits all existing Scott, XPMods or other similar applications
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