Adjustable Hand Reamer Set, Pieces 11, Fractional Inch, High Speed # 10909


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Adjustable Hand Reamer Set, Number of Pieces 11, Fractional Inch, High Speed Steel, Black OxideLIKE NE (SOME PIECES NEVER USED) IN SOLID WOOD BOX Adjustable hand reamers have nuts and blades that can be adjusted to allow the tool to enlarge or finish holes of different sizes in metal work pieces. These hand reamers are held with a tap wrench, adjustable wrench, or vise and are slowly rotated to feed the reamer into the hole. Adjustable hand reamers have a tendency to chatter and are a good choice for occasional reaming tasks or for light-duty reaming in assembly and maintenance operations. These reamer sets contain multiple adjustable hand reamers in a range of sizes.# 10909ALL SALES FINAL, NO RETURNSRUSH ORDER CAN BE TAKEN ON THIS ITEMSAME DAY SHIPPING FOR ORDER PLACED BEFORE 2PM EST; YOU WILL RECEIVE AFINAL INVOICE FROM “STRIPE” TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT.. ANY INTERNATIONAL DUTY AND TAXES MUST BE PAID BY CUSTOMER AT TIME OF DELIVERY OF PRODUCTOVER 10 MILLION PARTS IN INVENTORY 

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